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I have attempted to anticipate some of your questions.  I am excited to share my knowlege and passion for Steve Tubbs Pottery with you.  If you have additional questions please use the contact page to relay them to me.  

Is there a minimum order?

No.  You may order as little as one pot, but why stop there with so much to enjoy?  Keep in mind your shipping will seem high when only ordering a small amount.  That's the nature of shipping and we can't change that.


How fast will my order ship?

I will normally ship within three business days.  If an item is temporarily out of stock I will notify you immediately with an expected ship date.  We could also explore available substitutions.


A pot arrived broken.   What should I do?

I have learned that no matter how well I pack my pots shippers can still break them!  First save the box and all the packing materials as the shipper may request to inspect them as part of the claims process I will file. I will let you know when you can reuse, recycle or dispose of them after the shipping claim is resolved.  Send me an email telling me the news and attach a photo of the damage.  I will send you a no charge replacement.


My pot does not look exactly like the photo.  Why?

Steve Tubbs Pottery is hand made, one at a time.  Even when I make multiples of an item at the same time there are slight variations.  That is the nature of hand made and is part of its charm and appeal.  You have a one of a kind pot!  Glaze color and effects vary from pot to pot depending on many factors including the glaze thickness applied, the firing and even the raw glaze materials can vary slightly over time.


Can you match pottery I bought from you previously?

Yes, probably, if you see what you think is the same glaze on this website.  Email me a close up photo taken in good natural light for me to confirm.  I also may still have the glaze used on the pot you have but don't show it on the website.  When attempting to match please keep in mind what was said above about glaze color and effect from different firings.  If closely matching items are desired they should all be ordered at the same time.  I would then both make and glaze your pottery with this in mind.


Can I return pottery I have purchased?

Yes.  I want you to love your pottery and I have every confidence you will.  But if you don't you may return it for a refund of your purchase price, excluding shipping and handling charges, or it may be exchanged.  Please pack it carefully and ship it post paid back to me.  Insure the package if needed as you are responsible for its safe return.  Only unused, resalable pottery will be accepted for return or exchange.  If an exchange is desired I will send it immediately, I will pay the shipping, and at this point the sale is final, no further exchanges are allowed.


Is my pottery safe to eat from?

Yes.  The glazes I use are lead and other heavy metal free and are safe for food contact.


What should I know about care and handling?

Your pottery is safe to use in the microwave.  Your pottery is safe to use in the oven, however, there is a preferred way to do so.  Your pottery should be placed in a cold oven and then heated.  This avoids thermal shock, which is the quick exposure of the pot to differences in temperature which may cause cracking or even shattering.  Other thermal shock situations to avoid include taking your pot out of the oven and placing in water, taking your pot out of the freezer and placing in the oven or microwave, (as the food will heat up much faster than the pot), or taking your pot out of the freezer and placing in water.  Your pottery is dishwasher safe, which means the glaze will not be affected by the dishwasher cleaning chemicals.  However, care should be used in where and how you position the pot in the dishwasher as items move during operation and contact with another item may cause breakage or a crack that may not be immediately noticed, resulting in breakage later.


I have a question about my shipping fee.  How is that figured?

Shipping charges are based on weight, your destination and to some degree the shipper does care what the carton size is.  FedEx zones were used to create the amounts you are charged.  There are several special cases that are not covered under the automatically generated shipping fees.  They are shipments to Alaska and Hawaii, (they are not even on my fee chart because they are so high), and if you have ordered more than 30 pounds of pottery.  In these incidences I will contact you to give you an exact quote based on your order.  If your order is over 30 pounds, (you may not even know you have reached this weight), the freight fee shown may be overstated or understated and I just want to be fair to both of us.

I would like to set up a gift registry on Steve Tubbs Pottery.  How do I do that?

Great!  I would love to do that with you!  Use my contact form, (on "CONTACT" tab), and I will get back to you with the details of how to get started.





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