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I was once told the first 10,000 pots are the hardest...and I have repeated that saying many times in talking about my pottery.  Being way past that point, I know a lifetime is not long enough to explore all clay has to offer.
                                                                    - Steve Tubbs

I set out to produce work that enriches the life of the person using it.  The handmade qualities of my stoneware pottery beg to be touched and used, and to be used each day.  With that use, an appreciation for its form, texture and glaze develops, one that ties the user to the artist.


I discovered my passion for creating pottery in high school.  I continued my exploration of clay in college, first at Riverland College in Austin, Minnesota with James Wegner, and then at the University of Minnesota with Curtis Hoard and Warren MacKenzie.  Pots are created in sequence, each pot teaching me something I can use in the next as I strive to perfect the details that make a pot function in its task and be artistically expressive at the same time.

My pots are created on the potter's wheel and sometimes altered.  My inspiration is to create functional pottery that works well and is beautiful at the same time.  Each piece is signed by me, the artist, and is accompanied by a gift tag printed with artist statement and use and care instructions.  Glazes are chosen and applied to accentuate the pot's form and texture and are lead free.  Your pottery is safe to use in the oven, microwave and dishwasher; so use it everyday, and enjoy!


Steve and Arlo.jpg

Here I am with my grandson Arlo and his first wheel thrown pot!  I maybe helped.... just a little!

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